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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the dangerous conditions on local beaches. the wind-whipped flames ripping through a home. the homemade explosive found on a local cops front lawn. ben: a historic site destroyed in seconds. why these vandals say they did it. maria: tracking hermine still. gusty winds and rough nantucket. in: we are starting to feel the impact and we will be dealing with the impacts for days. some people getting rain this evening. my: some getting rain and some not getting anything. maximum sustained winds down from 70 as it tracks off the
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winds at nantucket over 60 miles per hour offshore. now we are seeing basically 20's and 30's. inland a breezy evening and settling back a little bit. things will settle down somewhat. the rain has pushed its way down the coast and we are left with scattered showers. the wind driven drizzle. occasionally a shower he were there. we will see more of that going on tonight and a t be some scattered showers. we will be talking about the shower threat to my when the winds will ramp up and when this clears out and we start talking about summer heat. all that in a few moments. then: the strongest winds are in the southern part of the state. people are feeling some impact. mary saladna in new bedford. mary: some is an understatement.
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i am holding onto my hat. we are afraid everything is going to blow away. they are significant. it has been this way here in new bedford and on the islands most of the evening. a damon to celebrate american workers, a holiday weekend cut short by the slow, sloppy arrival of the hermine. it would be but it is still pretty rough. mary: rough enough to close beaches and suspend ferry service, from hyannis, to new bedford. mary: i evening even the steamship authority was cancelling service on it's largest craft. the bands of wind and rain, brought rough seas, daredevils welcomed the challenge but harbor masters and the us coastguard are on storm alert,
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>> if you do have to go out for any reason whether it be on boat or a personal craft be extremely cautious, make sure you have all the safety equipment whether that be lifejackets or flares or anything of that nature. mary the coast guard is also : asking boat owners to make sure mooring lines are secure, and those with kayaks and personal watercraft to label them properly with name and phone number in case it breaks free, so they don't go searching for someone who isnt missing. despite the stormy weather today, cape retailers in chatham told us business was strong this labor day weekend, no one in a hurry, to see summer end. at last check we have over 500 customers without power. let's hope that gets better, not worse. and as for ferry service, check with the eye-opener. maria: breaking tonight, wind-whipped flames are tearing thru this historic home in rhode island right now. the oceanfront mansion in narragansett belongs to the late pawtucket red sox owner james
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firefighters from several towns are on the scene right now dealing with tough conditions from hermine. the strong winds also taking down trees. this 100-year-old tree snapped in half in newton, falling into a backyard. it was just one of many that fell today. newscenter five's shaun chaiyabhat is live in taunton with more on the damage. those strong wind gusts really did a number on some of the >> look at the condition of the tree. you can tell. shaun: rotten to the core. trees weakened by weeks of drought now beaten by bands of wind and rain. neighbors lost power. but denise richardson kept hers
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. shaun: this time they named mother nature, hermine. and she hit like dominos. wind hit the tree the tree hit wires, and the wires yanked off her siding. >> i was inside the house and i heard the noise, like a thundering noise. the house was shaking. something hit the house. i hope it is not a plane. something intensely machine. shaun: like a big big machine. good thing no labor day cookout in his backyard. wind snapped the big tree in newton crashing onto the roof and punching a hole in a door. she says thanks to some divine intervention from the church next door. feeling a little blessed today aren't you? >> yes. could have been worse. but no, we're fine. shaun: and as those winds continue thru the night, people are keeping an eye on their own
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ben hermine is hitting harder : further down the atlantic coast. this is video from off of new jersey as a cruise ship set sail. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas was heading to bermuda. and those huge choppy waves had a lot of passengers getting seasick. so far, no reports of any damage to the ship. mike's full forecast is still ahead, but you can track hermine yourself with our wcvb app. maria it's always updated with : the latest information on any storm. beenben: right now, boston's arson squad is investigating an explosive device, found on a boston police officer's lawn. it appeared to be a homemade device, in a beer bottle, similar to a molotov cocktail. police aren't sure if the officer's house was targeted. it was discovered yesterday morning and you can see left a burn mark on the grass. right now boston police are asking for your help to track down a suspect wanted for a sexual assault on the greenway. police say the victim was walking toward the greenway carosel just after four this morning when she was attacked. the suspect ran off after the
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maria commitment 2016 now, the : campaign trail getting crowded this labor day. politics hitting back up again both hillary clinton and donald trump out meeting with supporters and talking to the media. newscenter five's juli mcdonald is here with more on their message to voters. juli: time is running out to get that message to voters, just over two months to go until the election. the average national poll gives clinton a 6-point lead over trump. that's down from 10-points in early august. a crowded tarmac in cleveland today, hillary clinton's and donald trump's parked for the first time, clinton welcomed reporters onto her new campaign plane to answer their questions. ms. clinton hey, guys. : welcome to our big plane. it's so exciting. jcjuli: aboard the boeing 737 nicknamed hill force one, clinton talked russia, china, and her time at the state department.
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and our security the state department has said there is absolutely no evidence of and kind of external influence, and i know that to be the fact . juli: trump wasn't traveling alone either, he invited the press to tag along on his plane. the gop nominee wouldn't talk specifics, but he did take some questions on his immigration policy. mr. trump i'm not ruling out : anything. to become a citizen you're going to have to go out and come back in. juli: and with just 63 days to go until the election, neither side missed an opportunity to take a shot, even from a simple cough. ms. clinton: every time i think of trump, i get allergic .
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3 weeks away. today trump insisted he'd be at all 3 scheduled debates, after rumors circulated he was planning to skip at least one. maria: clinton was also getting support from her one-time rival today. vermont senator bernie sanders campaigned for clinton in lebanon, new hampshire this afternoon. it was his first solo event on the campaign trail on behalf of clinton. he talked health care and college affordability saying a clinton presidency will work on issues important to his supporters. abc's david muir sat down with both clinton and trump today. interviews starting tomorrow morning on good morning america and 7:00 a.m. right after newscenter 5 eyeopener. ben an attleboro woman is : charged with drunk driving after witnesses tracked her down from a hit and run. mary elliott was arrested after a sunday afternoon crash on taunton avenue in seekonk. police say elliott hit a jogger, and kept on driving. two men in pickup trucks followed elliott for about a mile and trapped her until police arrived.
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they saw the full thing and they chased it down and the boxster in. the guy said she ain't going nowhere. if she is going to hit my truck she will hit my truck. then: the man is in his 50's and is being treated for serious injuries. maria the family of a dorchester : woman struck and killed in a weekend hit&run is speaking out tonight. johnette sims was killed saturday night when a car ran her over in mattapan. the driver, identified as anthony buchanan, kept going but mother of two. her family is devastated. the driver will be arraigned tomorrow on several charges, including drunk driving and vehicular homicide. >> we cannot ever see her again. >> there is no words right now. it is still shot area -- a
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: damaged by fire. the flames broke out this afternoon on thompson street. firefighters had to battle huge flames and very smoky conditions. several surrounding departments were called in to help. there's no word on the cause yet tonight. maria: the future of the boston police body camera program will be front and center at a court hearing tomorrow. the patrolman's union filed a temporary injunction to stop the city from forcing officers to wear cameras. an agreement signed in july would have fitted 100 officers with body cameras for six months. it was voluntary. no officers signed up. ben: a framingham state university campus police officer will go before a judge tomorrow. wilter dormevil is charged with committing a lewd act on campus. command staff were notified about the incident saturday. dormevil is on leave and banned from the campus. he's also been suspended from his job as a revere auxiliary
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in seconds. the historic site vandalized and why they told witnesses they did it. mica: the latest on hermine. >> the new push >> tuesday morning on the eyeopener, travel is fun. planning not so much. >> the new app developed right in boston that does all the work and just for you. >> and i am still tracking the impact of hermine, the best chance for rain on tuesday
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ben: a natural landmark on the coast of oregon destroyed by vandals. this happened in pacific city. and now police are investigating. what took years for nature to do, vandals undid in seconds. pedestal rock on oregon's cape kiwanda, slowly eroded over decades by sand salt and sea, toppled. >> it's just like a slap in the
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michael kel happened to be flying a new drone in the area when they captured the incident. >> all 8 of them got it to, you know, wobble, then 5 of them backed off and the other three kept going, kept going, kept pushing. that's when i decided to record it and i saw them actually topple the rock over. >> infuriated, they confronted the vandals, who said they were seeking revenge, because a buddy broke his leg on the rock. >> they basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard and that they did the world re they knocked it down. >> got him. >> they got him, or maybe they meant her, mother nature. >> it's just gone. that view that you had, is not going to be there for people to enjoy. >> this video has gone viral. oregon state police say they're reviewing the video, and the vandals could face criminal charges. maria: a new study finds
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could help kids slim down. researchers studied more than 300 texas third and 4th graders. after two years with the desks those students saw their bmi fall by an average 5% compared to other kids. researchers say the desks would help kids maintain a healthy weight without disrupting class time. maria: where we were here it was one of the best weekends ever. you look out to the was pretty nasty. mike: even today. you go down toward the cape and the islands it was a different story. here is where the center is kind of weakly defined. the moisture has channeled its way down to the south. you see some more clouds. it is beyond radar range but some of this may try to rotate its way back in so there is another opportunity we could see some scattered showers area cares what will happen. i tomorrow night we're talking
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the south but losing some of its punch. only 50 mile an hour winds. by wednesday it is tracking its way south of us as it heads toward nantucket and it should be arriving wednesday at eight. it is interesting storm in that sense it is not tropical. it is what we call a post- tropical cyclone. the national hurricane center may stop issuing advisories at some point. i should be winding down. they are keeping these tropical stormdv some years ago. when they stopped issuing and it created confusion. it is almost falling apart over the next 48 hours. still we have some things we need to talk about, the wind. nantucket on land, 58. offshore they got up to 64 miles an hour. you could see these 50 mile an hour wind gusts come or client
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what is going to happen? we had to the overnight, the winds will settle down. we will not be as busy as it was this morning although inland still a bit of a breeze but down here they will be diminishing. toward 2 p.m., the winds are diminishing and there are some gusts but not nearly as strong as anything we have been through lately. i tro power outages. a great risk of a power outage, hitting some spots. not looking for widespread issue. it is where a treat falls and if it hits a powerline more than anything else. 88 reports of wind damage most down toward the south we saw the strongest winds but we had pockets on the south and north shores and trees were dropping down and knocking out power.
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offshore. we will see these kind of link through here as we had to the night. these will settle down as well. offshore you are looking at some good wave action. now especially along the north shore and the south shore. offshore, here is where the system is right now. we have a little bit of rain but these are not heavy bands. we are not seeing any yellows oranges. you are saying sprinkles showing up that it is a wind driven's wrinkle. marshfield to somerset, a little band sitting there. that is also marching in word -- inland. when it is also and done rainfall totals will not a impressive. maybe a 10th or 2/10 seven inch of rain. we still keep the gray skies it here and scattered showers and some gusty winds at the cape create a lot of you are not going to see any rain and on
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for thursday and friday and perhaps an afternoon thunderstorm on friday. the weekend right now looking pretty good. one exception sorry night into sunday, some isolated scattered showers before dry weather moves in for the first part of next week. dan: in the end, it came down to 11 chicken wings but joey chestnut is still america's top chicken wing-eater 12 minutes? chestnut was up to the task gobbling his way through 188 wings. that's nearly 16 wings per minute, if you're counting. chestnut says he had it all along. >> i felt good for you and i have an awesome technique. i am glad to be back here and able to have fun and get the win. remember that. he edged out his closest competitor by 11 wings and
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that is not that much. he makes his money off these things. that is not a huge payday. maria: it is the fun of it all. an act of kindness, still helping a young boy with autism days later. maria you may remember this : picture of a college football player eating lunch with the boy who usually eats alone. the two reunited today. their plans to hang out again,
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player travis rudolph, sharing another special moment with a boy with autism in florida. maria: wide receiver giving middle schooler bo paske a personalized jersey. >> bo, we want you to know you'll always be a special member of the 'nole family. we got you a jersey we also got you guys some tickets for the game. maria bo and his mom are at the : game tonight and will eat dinner with the team later this week. the two first met when rudolph was visiting bo's school last week. he saw bo was eating alone, and he asked to sit down. bo's mom h eaten alone since. ben: love her reaction. maria: the team will get it done.
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josh: the opportunity was golden. the execution lackluster. down a run with a runner on 3rd in the 8th and just one out against the nl's worst out west, the sox couldn't get it done. this is getting it done strong shirt game, showing that extra effort with a mini fenway park on her head. scoreless game until the 4th when drew pomeranz back in san diego for the first time since the trade with the sox serves one up to adam rosales. great effort by brock holt, very nearly steals one. and it's 2-0 padres. runs hard to come by against edwin jackson, who had 11 k's. he's pulled after 7 and chris young cuts the padres lead in half with a solo shot. and then an opportunity squandered. sandy leon comes up with a runner on 3rd and one out goes fishing, ball hits his foot and he can't advance to first on the k.
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last licks for big papi, a career. 192 at the plate as a pinch hitter, this his 100th at bat and he flies to center to end it. sox lose 2-1 and windy day in the bronx with hermine closing in. yankees down by one in the bottom of the first. jacoby ellsbury hits a two run homer to take the lead score, yankees 2-1 up by two in the hits a two rbi double to increase the lead score, yankees 5-1 they hold on to win 5-3 sox now 1/2 game back in the and east. yankees still lingering at 5 and half back. sox have the top wild card spot, o's and tigers right behind them. we're on to glendale. some would say finally. coach bill belichick knows the value of the pre-season, but now he can dive headfirst into a vat of game film, his favorite and get ready for the arizona cardinals.
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ready for this guy #31 david , johnson. every day name, anything but an ordinary game. the second year power back out of northern iowa is hard to bring down and just when you stack the box against him, he can catch a screen pass or bounce it outside. >> just stay back, kind of like -- a little bigger than brandon. skills. he is a strong runner, he can get some yards. josh: final round from tpc boston, and rory mcilroy didn't mind the early start due to the high winds. the northern irishman used to it, sand and bird on 4. ever forget your putter on the last hole you played, i have. use your buddy's, right? aaron baddeley damaged his, didn't lose it, but he used his wedge on the green good speed -- on the green, good speed,
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sorry, had to. 3.10th hole paul casey, had a three shot lead going into the day, this explains his almosts, birdie chip hits the pin but won't go in. but the day belonged to rory, 12th hole, the birdie putt for the lead he would not relinquish. goes to -15, and the check for $1.53 million. that was his deutsche bank second championship, he also won in 2012. in third, pga winner jimmy walker, aussda finished fourth, other notables, last year's champ rickie fowler was 12 back of mcilroy at 3 under, and lefty did not make the cut. clay buchholz on the mound replacing steven wright. a 10:10 p.m. start tomorrow night. back to you. barak: a final check of the weather. >> it will be some scattered
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even on wednesday and then it kicks on out of here thursday and friday. it is the muggy.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and ala ? >> jimmy: welcome. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game tonight. we're potty training my daughter.


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